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Dwyco Video 2.97

It lets you see and hear the people you meet online, in real-time
2.97 (See all)

The Dwyco Video Conferencing System (CDC32) lets you see and hear the people you meet online, in real-time.
Main features:
- It's FREE, NO spyware, NO adware, NO popups
- Color real-time video
- G-rated and Adult directory listings.
- Different servers and directories for different interests.
- Public and Private chat
- Full Audio Conferencing, talk to multiple people at the same time on your computer.
- Zap Messages, which allow you to send and receive audio and video messages, even when someone is not currently online.
- IGNORE feature so you can avoid the people on the web that are less than couth.
- Chat rooms can be created by anyone, and protected with a password, so you can have private chat rooms.
- Easy multiuser conferencing is as simple as entering a room and clicking one button!
- Setup Wizard that helps you through setting up your video and audio systems.
- File transfers while conferences are in progress.
- Handles multiple connections at the same time.
- Flexible video quality adjustments, works with the lowest modem speeds to the fastest network connection.
- Call screening using optional password.
- Flexible call management allows you to decide how many calls to accept at a time. Great when using cdc32 as a broadcast server.
- Allows video and audio adjustments without having to disconnect from remote users.
- Supports both half-duplex and full-duplex audio hardware.
- Easy to install and setup.
- No-risk installation. Unlike other systems, Dwyco video conferencing software does not overwrite any of your Windows system files.
- Works with virtually any video hardware supported by Windows95/98/NT4/2000/XP that supports a raw RGB or YUV capture format.
- Works with virtually any audio hardware that supports 8000Hz, 16-bit sampling.
- Completely automatic and flexible data rate adjustments allows you to avoid overloading your network link. Great when using cdc32 as a server.
- Dwyco directory service allows you to find other cdc32 users, even if they have dynamic IP addresses.
- Text chat can be used even if you don't have any multimedia hardware.

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